City Crossroads works directly with residents in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood, where our center is located. We provide after-school programming, enrichment services, and a safe haven for multi-ethnic, low-income families. For 30 years our organization has helped children and teens reach their full potential. Our dedicated staff of volunteers works in partnership with the local church to provide a consistent and stable message of love and hope. 

In the fall of 1984 City Crossroads was born out of necessity. Pastor Tim Doramus had a passion to see a safe and loving place for children and teens to escape the turmoil of sixth street and meet Jesus. The programs then and now reflect the same simple goals, providing a place to hold onto childhood amongst a myriad of adult issues, providing for immediate needs, and pointing toward the ultimate source of hope, Jesus Christ.

Our programs are designed to meet the most immediate needs of the community. Our neighborhood has changed a lot in the last three decades and our programs have changed with them. Currently we are working in close partnership with other neighborhood services to provide wrap-around care. Our non-traditional program hours mean that children recieve a healthy dinner and enrichment services well into the evening hours when some caregivers are still at work and when some children simply have no other place to go.

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Bible Study

Each week students help lead worship, bible study, and prayer. Each age group has a night of program dedicated to learning about God's love and who He is. 


Healthy Meals

Made possible by partnership with the San Francisco Food Bank and Peninsula Food Runners; each night that we are open we provide a healthy dinner for students and their families.


Field Trips & Outings

Sometimes a change in location is all it takes to change somone's perspective. Whether leaving the neighborhood to volunteer in other parts of San Francisco or heading across California to spend a week of fun at summer camp, getting out and about has the power to change lives.


Project Based Learning

Whether learning to cook healthy meals, trying a hand at sewing, or building a pine wood derby car Crossroads offers a number of short term classes to build skills and spark imagination.


Visual & Performing Arts

We strive to allow children and youth the opportunity to express themselves through art. From graffiti art lessons and theatre productions to community mural projects and music lessons youth are given creative outlets to discover who they are.