With Prayer We Are Not Alone

A physician once went to the home of one of his patients who was dying of lung cancer. He spent time sitting at his bedside, with the man’s wife and children. The dying man knew that he had little time left and he chose his words carefully, speaking to the physician in a hoarse whisper. Although he had not been a very religious person, he revealed to his doctor that recently he had begun to pray frequently.

“What do you pray for?” the physician asked.

“I don’t pray for anything,” the dying man responded.

“How would I know what to ask for?” The physician found this surprising. Surely this dying man could think of some request.

“If prayer is not for asking, what is it for?” the physician asked.

“It isn’t for anything,” the man said after a few moments of silent thought. “It mainly reminds me I am not alone.”

God desires to have a relationship with each one of us – that relationship is the very reason for our creation. Relationship with God is what gives our life meaning and purpose. Relationship is what Jesus embodied, and what the Holy Spirit establishes. Relationship is why we pray, and why we have the privilege of praying.