Ready to Give Some More

Everywhere the minister had gone that day, he had encountered crisis. He had offered a listening ear, a consoling word, and patient understanding until he was completely drained. Arriving home late in the day, he put on his jogging shoes and headed out for a run. He hoped the exercise would restore his sense of well being and balance.

As he put on his shoes, he reached into the pocked of his sweatshirt and pulled out a frayed devotional book he often read before his run. He felt like screaming as he read the “thought for today”: Pray for others.

“Pray for others?” he said. “All I’ve done today is give to others. What about me? Who cares about my needs?”

He felt angry that God was calling him to still more giving, but eventually he yielded. In the rhythm of his feet hitting the pavement, he prayed for his neighbors and the people he had met during the day. As he turned his steps toward home, he prayed for his family.

Upon arriving home, the minister realized he was refreshed both spiritually and physically and ready to “give some more.”

Is there power in prayer? Most assuredly! It is God’s power bestowed to us and in us, so that we might sever others.

For everyone who asks, receives. Anyone who seeks, finds. If only you will knock, the door will open. ~ Matthew 7:8