Prayer Changes Everything

A young woman lay in a hospital, far from home and family, drifting in and out of consciousness. Several times she became aware of a woman’s voice praying for her salvation, as well as for her physical healing. At one point, a physician described her condition as critical, warning those present in the room that she might not survive. She heard all of this as if she were in stupor, unable to respond. Then she heard a second voice, one that spoke in faith: “Doctor, I respect what you say, but I cannot accept it. I’ve been praying and I believe she will not only recover, but she will walk out of here and live for God.”

Before long, the young woman did walk out of that hospital and return to work. It was then she learned that it had been her boss’s wife (whom she had met only twice) who had stood in the gap, interceding for her at her hospital bed. When she attempted to thank this woman for her prayers, she replied, “Don’t thank me, thank God. Others have prayed for me. Their prayers changed my life. I believe God has great plans for you.”

It was five more years before she gave her life to Christ, but all the while, she never forgot how a faithful woman of God had believed He would answer prayer.

Have someone’s prayers for you brought a change in your life?  Be assured, your prayers for others will too.


And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends. ~ Job 42:10