Prayer Answered

Years ago, a devout woman earnestly prayed that her son might be called to preach. He grew up, accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord, and subsequently began to prepare for the calling to which he seemed destined. Before his training was complete, however, he concluded that he was not called to this work. He left school and began to work for a bank. He continued in that field and became a great financier. He died rich and successful.

When her son’s will was read, the mother learned that he had left his vast fortune to a theological seminary in Kentucky. By his one act, many young men have been prepared to preach the Gospel.

Centuries earlier, another mother had a similar experience. Hearing that her son desired to visit Rome, she diligently prayed that he could not go. She feared the vices of the city would overwhelm him. Even so, he went. While in Rome, he was converted to Christianity. In his Confessions, Augustine wrote that his mother’s prayer was answered, not in its outward form, but in its inward heart. What she had really prayed for was that he might be saved from the ways of sin, and he was.

In both cases, the prayers of the mothers were not granted, but they were answered. Today, trust God to respond to you in the way that’s best for you – for eternity.

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts. ~ Isaiah 55:9