Legacy Youth Ministry


We meet Fridays 6:00-8:00 pm

Upcoming meetings:

  • March 6
  • March 13
  • March 20


  • October 4 Lesson: Tonight we started a new lesson called "Known" which is a four-week series based on discovering who we are in Christ. We are excited to embark on this exploration of God's love and purpose for each of us as his children, so please pray that our students would grow in knowledge and wisdom over these next four lessons, and be ever more willing to find themselves in Christ.

    Lesson 1: He knows your heart

    We might describe other's identities by their looks, the way they talk, their status or other externally observable features and characteristics. But God sees people differently.

    In 1 Samuel 16:17, God says "... I do not judge as man judges. Man looks at the outward appearances, but I look at the heart."

    Tonight's lesson was about how God knows our heart. He knows all the good in our hearts as well as the bad, and Jesus chose to die on the cross to forgive us anyway.

    God made our heart, and as the creator, he defined it, and he is who gives us identity, not the world, not even ourselves.

    The way others judge us does not erase how God defines us
    The way we judge others does not erase the way God defines them 
    The way we judge ourselves does not erase the way God defines us 

    So let's all see people for their hearts, the way God does.


Our Vision:

Reach, Teach, and Release


Our Mission:

We REACH out to our friends to tell them why we follow and love Jesus.

We TEACH about the importance of loving God with all our heart, soul and mind and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

We RELEASE our friends to do the same.


Come and join us!