In Their Lives, God Was a Reality

Dr. Walter Eerdman wrote a best-seller entitle Source of Power in Famous Lives. In it, he gave biographical sketches of fifty great men and women of history-among them David Livingstone, Jenny Lind, Clara Barton, Frances Willard, Christopher Columbus, and Oliver Cromwell.

Eerdman drew this conclusion about the people he had profiled: “In their lives, God was a reality.”

Truly great people share a common source of power – they simply apply that power in different ways. Some have greater public success and thus to a greater degree of fame and prominence than others. Many less famous people, however, have also encouraged others with stories of personal triumphs and victories. This shows that the power which comes from having a “real” relationship with God isn’t limited to “stars.” It is an attribute that can be acquired by anyone, regardless of their wealth or position in society.

Genuine power from God is manifest as hope in times of disaster, calm in times of crises, direction when lost, and an enduring faith. Anyone can know this power… if they will allow God to become a reality in their lives.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~ Philippians 4:13