How and Why

One day, a young minister called upon one of his parishioners-a humble shoemaker who was a devout Christian. He enjoyed talking with the man as he worked and tried to bring the conversation around to the things of God. He said rather ineptly, “How good it is to meet a Christ-like person in such a lowly occupation.”

The shoemaker answered, “Brother, I don’t consider my occupation to be lowly.” The minister, suddenly aware of what he had said and how he had offended the man, said, “Excuse, me, my brother, I didn’t mean to reflect on what you do to earn a living.”

The shoemaker replied, “You didn’t hurt me. I believe that making a pair of shoes is just as great and holy a task as your preaching a sermon. I believe that when I stand before the Lord one day, He will ask me, “What kind of shoes did you make?; and I will be able to tell Him that I made the best shoes I knew to make – ones that I prayed over and made for His glory. I’ll tell Him that I prayed, too, for those who would wear my shoes. And He will ask you, ‘What kind of messages did you deliver?'”

How and why we do what we do, matters far more than what we actually do.

He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it. ~ Matther 10:39