Gospel Recordings

Joy Ridderhof, born in 1903, started an organization called Gospel Recordings, Inc. to record the gospel for every language group on earth. It is now approaching five thousand languages, and millions around the world have heard of Christ through GR recordings.

But it wasn’t easy. Joy, a single career woman, faced with loneliness, sickness, dangerous travels, foreign intrigue, and financial crises at every step. One year, Gospel Recordings badly needed more room at its Log Angeles base. Joy and her staff prayed about it for months, and suddenly a large site became available. It seemed ideal, and the board authorized a $6,000 deposit. The property cost ten times that much, but Joy refused to publicly appeal for funds.

She was in Wheaton, Illinois, as the deadline approached. If $60,000 didn’t materialize within a week, the property would be lost along with the $6,000 deposit. Only half the amount was on hand, and Joy’s staff called her in crisis. Her laconic instruction were to claim Joshua 3:5 and to follow the Jericho pattern for the remaining seven days. And cable the branch offices to join us.

No other explanation was given, but none was needed. The staff understood. Cable flew around the world: BUILDING DEADLINE OCTOBER NINTH FOLLOW JERICHO PATTERN NEXT SEVEN DAYS. JOSHUA 3:5.

The walls of Jericho had fallen after the Israelites had circled them for seven days. In the same way, the staff of Gospel Recordings encircled the problem with prayer, two hours a day for seven days.

The walls fell. In an overseas call from London, a British GR staffer announced an unexpected grant had just arrived for the ministry, and it was exactly enough to complete the building’s purchase.

The home staff burst into the Doxology, and Joy Riddeerhof continued her speaking tour through Illinois with a new story of God’s faithfulness.


Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you. Joshua 3:5