Feast of Weeks

Grace and peace to you.

This Sunday celebrates the Jewish festival called the Feast of Weeks or the Feast of Harvest. The Feast of Weeks is the celebration of the early harvest (May-June). The final harvest is celebrated in the fall. The Feast of Weeks comes fifty days after the celebration of First Fruits. This is a total of seven weeks, which is called “a week of weeks”. This is why it is called the Feast of Weeks.

However, we know this by its Greek name: Pentecost (fiftieth). Jesus rose from the grave on the Feast of First Fruits. Fifty days later, the Holy Spirit anointed the disciples on the Feast of Weeks, or the Day of Pentecost.

We remember the Day of Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in great power, transforming them from being a confused gathering of believers into the church of Jesus Christ. There was a great celebration of the “harvest” on that day when God added 3,000 people to the church!

We will celebrate Pentecost Sunday this weekend by hosting Alfonso and Elizabeth Ayala, as they update us on their ministry in Belize. What a great reminder that the Lord of the harvest is still saving souls.

Your servant in Christ,

pastor mike