Building Fund Project

Several months ago we began to fix leaks on part of the overhang entering the Narthex. This is the first phase of a project which includes redoing the roof at the front of the church as well as installing a new steeple. Currently plans are with an engineer to design the roof prior to obtaining the city's approval then construction. Based on the city's sign off we look to complete this project by the end of the year.

At the Annual Business Meeting, the congregation approved establishing a $50,000 Building Fund to cover the cost of this project. The congregation committed to begin raising funds over a three-year period, ending in September 2018 coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the first service held at Hillside Church in 1958. This is not the first time we have responded to a challenge such as this. Similar efforts took place at various times during the church's history, the last approximately 20 years ago.


Funding is coming from a number of sources. First, we have asked individuals to go beyond regular tithing - not to shift from regular tithing into this fund but to add giving for this fund. We are asking all within the congregation to consider their different financial capabilities as the spirit guides. Folks have already begun to contribute on a monthly basis. Others have given a lump sum contribution. Second, we have received and continue to receive funding from other former members of the congregation who have moved. Third, folks have begun to volunteer their time to arrange special fund raising projects. Lupe Ibarra and Virginia Petrovitz are coordinating a flea market event on May 21. If you are interested in helping on this endeavor please contact either Lupe or Virginia.

This is a congregation wide effort. Please consider what part you can play, be it through a pledge, organizing a fund raising event or creative way to achieve our goal. To date, we have surpassed the $15,000 level.

Please help bring this request to a successful conclusion. Should you have any ideas or suggestions to help this project along, please contact Greg Erion.