One-note Musician

A series of illustrations in a popular magazine once depicted the life-story of a “one-note musician.” From frame to frame, the tale revealed how the woman followed her daily routine of eating and sleeping until the time came for the evening concert. She carefully inspected her violin, took her seat among the other violinists, arranged her music on the stand, and tuned her instrument. As the concert began, the conductor skillfully cued first one group of musicians and then another until finally, the crucial moment arrived. It was time for the one note to be played!

The conductor turned to the violinist and signaled her to sound her note. She did, and then the moment was over. The orchestra played on and the “one-note” woman sat quietly through the rest of the concert-not with a sense of disappointment that she had played only one note, but with a sense of contentment and peace of mind that she had played her one note in tune, on time, and with great gusto.

Sometimes “one-note” people are criticized for being limited or narrow in their perspective by those whose lifestyle requires the wearing of many “hats”. But a job well done by others is valued by God, so it certainly deserves our recognition and respect.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might. ~ Ecclesiastes 9:10